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Giving You A Say In Matters Of Spousal Support

Raising a family or giving up a career path during your marriage can feel like the best choice at the time. However, when that marriage ends in a divorce, it can start to feel like one side or the other gave up too much for a marriage that did not last.

I am attorney Riisa Petersen Mandel, and I founded Petersen Law Firm, PLLC to help Arizona residents who are facing uneven financial assets at the end of their marriage. I have seen firsthand the complexities of determining “how hard” each spouse worked over the years and what each side deserves. I also understand the fear both individuals have when they face a financially unstable future.

Arizona Courts Have The Outcome In Their Hands

Even if you and your spouse have an amicable idea for dividing assets, the courts can choose to award any spousal maintenance they deem appropriate. The laws regarding alimony are broad and leave much to the discretion of the judge you are assigned. The only way to avoid these grey areas is to have a legally-binding agreement already in place before the marriage.

Having an attorney looking out for your priorities and future goals is indispensable in matters of spousal maintenance. If one side has the financial security to pay the other side, the courts often lean that direction. Or, if one side has not worked in years and requires money to maintain a standard of living like their married life, the courts are often sympathetic.

Looking Out For Your Life After Divorce

No matter what your situation is, I can help advise the courts if alimony should be awarded or not. I can also work with the courts to recommend how much financial support is fair and how many years it should be paid.

Meeting your unique needs with personalized legal strategies is why I founded my firm. Call my Tucson, Arizona, office location at 520-829-1025 to discuss your divorce and what your goals are for the future. You can also reach out with the online form to tell me more and request an appointment.