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Relocations That Support The Whole Family

Many factors go into choosing to relocate a family — from new jobs to new relationships to better futures for your children. However, Arizona has strict laws that dictate your rights to relocate, also called “move away laws.” These laws are in place to protect both parents’ rights in the event of a divorce and to ensure that your children can still see both parents.

After over a decade of helping Arizona families with family matters and relocations, I understand the emotions and fears that affect the entire family during these major life decisions. I am founding attorney Riisa Petersen Mandel of Petersen Law Firm, PLLC, and when you work with me, your family’s best interests are my priority.

No matter what family challenges you are facing, I can help find legal solutions that protect your rights.

Factors That Determine Relocations

Your ability to move to a new home, city or state over 100 miles away depends on if you are already divorced or plan to divorce soon.

If you are divorced, the courts will consider:

  • Who is the court-ordered custodial parent?
  • Do both parents agree to this move?
  • Is there a parenting time schedule already in place?
  • Modifications to child support or spousal support

If you are moving as part of a divorce, the courts will consider:

  • Creating a parenting time schedule for you
  • Child support and alimony decisions
  • Providing both parents the right to see their children

In both instances, the courts will seriously consider the circumstances that led to the desire to move, such as trying to keep children away from one parent or any domestic violence and abuse. They will also consider the mental, emotional and physical impact it will have on all the children involved.

Working Together To Achieve Fair Outcomes

Relocation will be difficult if one parent is fighting the outcome. However, there are many legal grounds that can grant a relocation even when one parent disapproves. I can help you review all your options and represent your interests to the Arizona courts when you petition for your decision to move.

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