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A Prenuptial Agreement Does Not Doom Your Marriage

When counseling spouses on family matters or effective planning for their futures, I often hear that couples do not want a prenuptial agreement because it seems like a negative way to start their marriage. After 12 years of serving Arizona residents in family law matters, I can understand the fears people have when making major life decisions such as marriage or having a child.

I am attorney Riisa Petersen Mandel, and I founded Petersen Law Firm, PLLC to ease the fears people feel before making a significant life change. My job is to listen to your future goals and best interests and to explain the legal tools available to achieve and protect your goals.

Is A Prenup Right For Me?

In most cases: yes. A prenuptial agreement can be tailored to suit your specific needs and goals and is one of the few ways to make a legally binding decision without the Arizona court’s interference. It does not always mean a divorce, either. They are often crafted to offer protection if one spouse passes away.

We can create this agreement to outline decisions such as:

  • Each spouse’s rights and responsibilities during the marriage
  • Who owns particular assets, property or finances
  • Future planning and protection for children or stepchildren
  • What to do with a business, account or investment
  • Responsibility for current or acquired debts
  • How to handle one person’s retirement or return to school
  • Matters of inheritance or protecting wealth

In most cases, a prenuptial agreement makes sense if you are blending a family, there is an age difference in the marrying couple or there are significant assets from one or both parties. It is also ideal when one or both spouses are business owners or entrepreneurs, or you want tax benefits in the future.

Avoiding Arguments Down The Road

These types of agreements are ideal even for marriages that last a lifetime. It protects both parties and their best interests while you are in a positive and fair state of mind. It can also help avoid significant arguments throughout your life about how to handle family or financial issues.

Most importantly, a prenuptial agreement provides economic predictability throughout your lives. When there is no room for mistakes in regard to your finances and the best interests of your children, this can be a solid legal tool to avoid future conflicts.

Helping You Have The Hard Conversations

Call my Tucson office locations at 520-829-1025 or reach out online to schedule a conversation about your marriage and life goals. I take pride in offering pragmatic advice to couples and families. With a tailored approach to your legal needs, we can work toward agreements that set you up for success.