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Divorce, custody disputes, child support and other such legal proceedings can be difficult and even divisive. As an experienced family law attorney, Riisa will be your advocate and your counsel as you work your way through what is almost certainly a painful and stressfull time for all involved. In the same way that no two families are the same, no two Family law cases are the same, either. Your case will get the individual, specialized attention that it deserves. 


Riisa offers services based on your unique needs. They include:


  • Divorce with Children

  • Divorce without Children

  • Paternity

  • Post decree modifications

  • Child Support

  • Spousal Maintenance 

  • Same Sex Partner Custody 

  • Orders of Protection

  • Emergency Orders of Custody

  • Temporary Custody

  • Pre-Nuptual agreements

  • Post-Nuptual Agreements



These services will be tailored to meet your unique needs. You have a lot on your plate right now. You are worried about your future, your children, your home and your livelihood. Put the Petersen Law Firm to work for you, ​and let us worry about the legal system, so that you can focus on what matters. 

Family Law Services

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