Domestic Violence

Legal Representation For Domestic Violence

In Arizona, it’s an ex parte process to get an order of protection against your spouse or another person with whom you have a relationship. Unfortunately, if you are wrongfully accused of domestic abuse, recovering your reputation and your rights is not as easy.

I am attorney Riisa Petersen Mandel, founder of the Petersen Law Firm, PLLC, in Tucson, Arizona. I help victims of abuse obtain protection orders against spouses and other family members. I also represent those who are accused of abuse.

Put A Former Prosecutor On Your Case

I am a former prosecutor in the Pima County Attorney’s Office, where I handled cases of domestic violence. I know how the state handles domestic abuse cases. This makes me better able to protect your interests, whether you are a victim of abuse or the accused.

Some people obtain protection orders (also known as restraining orders) not to protect themselves but to gain the upper hand in a divorce or child custody dispute. Anyone can appear before a judge and obtain an order of protection with certain allegations. The alleged victim does not have to report a domestic violence incident or even call the police. The accused does not necessarily have the right to be present at the initial hearing.

You can contest a protection order within one year. The order can have a devastating effect on your life:

  • If you live with the alleged victim, you could be removed from your home.
  • You can be barred from contacting the victim for any reason.
  • If you have children, you may lose the right to unsupervised visits.
  • You can lose the right to possess firearms or ammunition.
  • You could lose your job.
  • If you violate the order, you could be jailed.

I represent people who want to modify or dismiss protection orders. I also defend people against criminal charges of domestic violence.