Workers’ comp, unemployment and child support

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Family Law

Falling behind on child support payments can lead to a series of problems, from financial penalties to restrictions that disrupt your life (such as license suspension and passport denial). It is important to realize some of the other repercussions that you could face if you do not pay child support on time.

Additionally, you should review how child support obligations could affect your finances and the different ways that the state could collect payments. Aside from wage withholding, you could have child support taken from your unemployment or workers’ compensation benefits.

Child support and unemployment benefits

The Department of Economic Security says that as a non-custodial parent in Arizona, you might face the withholding of Unemployment Insurance benefits if you owe child support. Under state law, the state can deduct child support from the weekly unemployment benefits that you receive. If you currently receive UIB or find yourself in this position in the future, you should understand how this could impact your benefits.

Child support can affect workers’ comp benefits

In addition to unemployment, the state can also take child support from workers’ compensation benefits you receive. In order to cover child support, the state could take a lump sum payout or weekly benefits.

Whether you lost your job or have financial hurdles for some other reason, doing everything you can to stay caught up on child support is crucial. It is vital to go over how child support obligations you have could impact various facets of your financial life, such as your workers’ comp or unemployment benefits.