Do you want to modify your spousal maintenance?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce often leaves couples reeling from the financial changes. Many struggle to get back on their feet and continue supporting himself or herself on just a single income.

Spousal maintenance exists to help a struggling spouse adjust to post-divorce life. However, it is often not a static arrangement and may end up increasing or decreasing due to certain situational changes.

Note that a person cannot simply put in a request for spousal maintenance with no reason, however. Arizona State Legislature makes it clear that a person must have specific conditions in order to qualify for a new spousal maintenance order.

What conditions must you meet to request modification?

A significant change to a person’s life situation usually needs to happen to allow for them to make this appeal in the first place.

For example, say the spouse receiving maintenance payments suddenly develops an illness. They will likely require an increase in income to maintain their care, especially if this illness threatens their job. Thus, an order may end up changed so the recipient gains more.

On the other hand, say the spouse making payments suddenly loses their job. In that case, they obviously cannot make payments with money they do not have. As such, an order might change to reduce said payments for a time.

Do your payments end?

Depending on an individual’s situation, the court might order a temporary spousal maintenance order or one without a defined end. It is especially important in the case of the latter to ensure that the order accurately reflects the financial needs and situations of both individuals at the time.