The new Arizona Shared Parenting Day

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Family Law

Courts across the country recognize the value of parental involvement in a child’s life. However, some states are going beyond the law and making shared parenting a point of public policy and celebration.

Arizona is one of those states. It now has a Shared Parenting Day, April 26th, complete with the official color yellow for those who wish to observe or celebrate.

Why shared parenting?

Why is shared parenting important enough for an official day? In one way, it is a sign that the courts are looking to research and facts when it comes to issuing divorce orders. Studies have repeatedly shown that kids need both parents — as long as the parents are fit for the role.

Apart from how important this concept is to the justice system, it is also important to many families. Sharing parenting duties has helped many people support their children and get involved, even if they do not have all of the same decision-making rights as their former spouses.

Is shared parenting mandatory?

Divorce is a process in which married people determine their futures apart. The law allows various results. In terms of parenting time, courts focus on the best interests of children.

There is a general presumption that having time with both parents will benefit the child — because of all of the scientific evidence. However, there might be conditions in certain cases that prove this presumption false. One example might be a parent who represented a continuing danger to the child.

Additionally, shared parenting does not always mean equal parenting. Various factors typically need to come together to create a unique plan that works for each family.