Different FAQs about parental alienation

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Family Law

No one wants to plan for their marriage to end, but protecting your assets is necessary. Prenuptial agreements are the best way to do this. Aside from dealing with finances, they can help with issues like child custody.

When you try to convince your children not to follow predetermined child custody arrangements, one side effect, which is a complicated type of case, is parental alienation.

What is it?

According to the Arizona courts, parental alienation is one parent intentionally convincing their children that the other parent is terrible, abusive or dangerous. The result is that the child is fearful and avoids or alienates you or their other parent.

What should you do if your ex accuses you of it?

If your ex accuses you of parental alienation, get a description from your ex of your intentional behavior. Then, reflect on their feedback honestly and see if you have been doing these things. If you think you could have been alienating them, try to be more positive when talking to your child about your ex. For example, you could print out photos of the child with their other parent or tell your child that you like them.

If you have a divorce case where you and your spouse dislike each other, parental alienation could result. First, you must determine if you are experiencing gatekeeping. Gatekeeping is justifiable in some situations. However, that is only if you or your spouse has abused the child or others. Alienation only occurs when there is no history or concern of abuse.