Can joint custody benefit your family?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Family Law

When you go through divorce, you want what is best for your child. Unfortunately, this is somewhat hard to deliver when your child is going to struggle through the divorce regardless.

However, you can still set them up for a better post-divorce period by ensuring that they get the care and support they need through it. Choosing a good form of custody can help pave the way.

Mental health and coping benefits

The American Psychological Association discusses the benefits associated with joint custody. This form of custody has numerous noted positive impacts on children whose parents go through divorce.

For one, they have better mental health. Not only do they have lower reported rates of depression and anxiety, but they also have healthier relationships with their peers and authority figures.

They tend to develop better and healthier coping mechanisms at younger ages. This often carries into adulthood, too. For example, children of sole custody tend to have a higher rate of dealing with addictions in adulthood, ranging from smoking to alcohol to gambling.

As adults, people who experienced joint custody also have better relationship health in their love lives, too. But why do these differences exist?

Why do these changes happen?

Some people speculate that the differences happen due to joint custody addressing many of a child’s main fears regarding divorce. Many fear an end to their stable home life and an uncertain future. However, joint custody keeps the family structure as intact as possible, allowing the child to continue reaping its benefits.

Joint custody does not suit every family or situation, of course. However, if it is feasible, it is worth considering.