How should you handle your social media accounts during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Family Law

Typically, you may think nothing about posting on social media. Everyone has social media and posting life updates is normal. After a divorce, you need to be mindful because your ex may use your posts against you.

According to Psychology Today, social media can exacerbate problems and compromise your case.

Try to stay away from social media

Going on social media during a divorce can impact your mental health and case. If you vent about your marriage, your ex may feel the need to retaliate. You may see images or stories that make you feel worse about your divorce. For instance, if you see happy couples on Facebook, you may begin to feel lonely or upset. Reminding yourself that social media shows a false reality does not always help. Try to focus on real-life connections and obligations instead of social media.

Keep your privacy settings high

Public profiles are fair game. If you have a private social media account where your ex cannot access it, then he or she cannot use your posts against you. Keep in mind that even if you keep your privacy settings high, you may have mutual friends with your former spouse. Mutual friends may deliver information without your permission.

Privacy settings are important, but you should not post anything about the case. Monitor your posts and take a step back if you feel the need to rant about your relationship or talk about the divorce.

If you need to post on social media, keep your content positive. Post images of something you enjoy or positive affirmations.