Is your ex turning the kids against you?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Family Law

Your children remain your priority as always. During and after your divorce, you did what you could to keep them free of the pain and anguish of the process.

While you thought things were going well, have things begun to change? Once parents divorce, children may start to act out. Is the behavior change normal, or is there something else going on? Learn some common signs that may indicate the other parent is working against you.

Your children try to avoid you

When you exercise your agreed-upon parenting time, do the children act like they do not want to see you? One of the first signs of parental manipulation is an unwillingness to spend time with the victimized parent. The children may feel disloyal when they spend time with you. If the other parent openly badmouths you, the children may feel angry and not want to see you.

They know things they should not

Children, especially young ones, are perceptive and absorb environmental factors more than you may think. Should you find your children making statements about you that they should not know, it may indicate that the other parent is saying things in the other home. Older children may use the information they have heard to instigate fights with you or guilt you into doing what they want.

Their behavior changes at school

If the other parent manipulates the children, they may show it at school. Children who are generally compliant and attentive at school may lash out, and grades may slide. Even those in daycare may act out, such as becoming physically aggressive.

Children are the true victims of this manipulation. If you suspect that your ex is turning the children against you, seek assistance in overcoming it.