The penalties for violating a parenting time order

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Family Law

If you recently split up with your child’s other parent, you could have many different hardships to work through. For example, you could have difficulty working with them on key issues involving your child and you might struggle with tough emotions because of problems related to custody or visitation, such as anxiety and even depression.

Sometimes, parents prevent the other parent from seeing their child by violating parenting time orders. If your ex is refusing to let you see your kids, even though a valid parenting time or visitation order stipulates that you see your children make sure you understand your options.

What happens when parents violate parenting time orders?

When parents refuse to let their child’s other parent spend time with children, this can create emotional and psychological challenges for kids and parents. Moreover, parents who violate parenting time orders face numerous penalties if held accountable for their actions.

According to the Arizona Legislature, violating a parenting time order can result in additional parenting time for the other parent to make up for missed visits. Sometimes, parents who violate these orders must pay for parent education and family counseling, as well as civil penalties imposed by the court and legal fees.

What can you do when your ex denies your parenting time?

Parents who violate parenting time orders are sometimes held in contempt of court. If you cannot work together with your child’s other parent, do not allow the other parent to continue to violate your rights and potentially jeopardize your relationship with your child. Take a look at potential legal solutions to safeguard your parenting time.