Co-parenting apps can ease the challenges of shared custody

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2020 | Family Law

As you and your ex keep up with your children’s school projects and soccer practices, you may find that co-parenting apps are a useful tool for managing your lives. 

Forbes explains how families may benefit when parents use an app to stay connected and organized. 

Apps offer reliable messaging

You may sometimes wonder if your text or email found its way to your co-parent. Apps often allow you to see when your co-parent received and read your message. This may help ease tensions, as you do not need to send a follow-up to ask if your ex read your message. 

Even if you are use an app to message your ex, remember to keep things positive. Some apps may even suggest different wording if they detect your message has negative language. 

Calendar functions in apps are useful

An app can provide an efficient tool for managing calendars. Keeping track of everyday commitments can be time-consuming, and inputting all of the dates into an app can allow both parents quick access to dates. 

An app can help you keep track of your shared custody schedule and possibly give you a diplomatic way to request a trade. You may find this useful to avoid conflicts as you plan holidays and vacations. In some cases, you can add family members and others who help with childcare. 

Apps may offer document functionality

As your children move between households, homework travels with them. Some apps allow you to upload a school assignment so that your co-parent can oversee completion of the work if necessary. You may also upload documents such as doctor’s orders or prescriptions so that both parents are up-to-date about their children’s health care needs. 

Apps can offer efficiencies, but you should not rely on them as a substitute for in-person conversations. When you and your ex engage in respectful conversations, you model effective communication for your children.