Paternity test results may take a few days or weeks

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Family Law

There is a lot of controversy around paternity testing because of the effect it might have on the lives of children. In fact, reports have shown that some doctors might not disclose paternity discrepancies discovered during medical treatment unless they need to. When men discover children they believed carried their DNA do not, many find it difficult to bond with them thereafter. This is the outcome many professionals want to avoid when they withhold this information.

On the other hand, some people believe it is better to know. While not even all fathers agree with this, that is a personal choice that a man has to make for himself. Paternity tests have become so affordable and easy that men often get tricked into thinking the results are immediate and everything gets done at home, but it can take some time.

The determining factors for the ETA

According to the WRCBTV, paternity tests can take as little as two days, in some cases. Other times, the wait lasts for several weeks. Here are some of the factors that affect this:

  • The lab people choose and the turnaround time for that lab
  • How busy the labs are, which can vary at different times of the year or week
  • The location of the lab relative to the person getting tested
  • The shipping method used to send the test
  • Access to the children’s DNA

The accuracy of at-home paternity tests

At-home tests contributed to the increased ease of paternity testing. However, many people wonder if they are accurate. The Chicago Tribune reports an accuracy rating of almost 100%. An important thing to note, however, is that the purchase of the in-home test rarely includes the cost of the test itself. Instead, what people pay for is the kit. Laboratories charge their own fees, so it is a good idea to check around for a good deal.

If the paternity test plays a role in establishing paternity, keep the factors affecting speed in mind when making decisions. This ensures the results come back in time to support the claim.