How can I co-parent with a difficult ex?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Family Law

Going through a difficult divorce is hard enough, but attempting to salvage a co-parenting relationship with your ex can seem impossible. However, it is important to act in the best interest of the child, and co-parenting can help your children cope positively with your divorce.

It can be difficult to try and imagine creating a new relationship with your ex that is entirely separate from the romantic relationship you once had together, but with co-parenting this is a requirement. According to Help Guide, the best thing to do is try to think of this new phase in your life as a completely separate relationship with your ex-spouse.

How can I separate my emotions from parenting?

It is important to realize that even though your marriage with your ex is now over, the family that you started with your ex is not. It is time to remove yourself from the center of this situation and replace it with your kids.

Thinking about the benefits of co-parenting for your children may be helpful. Children who are products of co-parenting often end up coping with divorce much better than children who are in sole custody. Being able to show your children that the love you and your ex have for them is greater than whatever caused the divorce will mean a lot.

How can we communicate positively?

If you have a strained relationship with your ex, it is probably beneficial to limit conversation to the written word. You may decide to use a messaging system for this, or you might benefit from the distance email provides. Plus, using written communication has a benefit of creating a paper trail to ensure that nobody becomes confused regarding prior agreements.