What are the benefits of co-parenting?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | Family Law

Co-parenting is more popular than ever in the modern divorce court. Up until 10 years ago, it was very common for women to end up with sole custody of the children after a divorce, particularly if the kids were very little. However, this is no longer the case. Unless there is a specific reason prohibiting it, co-parenting is the most likely choice for custody after divorce. However, co-parenting can be very difficult on the parents, to the point where you may be wondering what the positives are. According to Helpguide.org, the main benefit is that your children will realize that your love for them is greater than whatever the reasons were for your marriage ending. 

Generally speaking, children who are in functional co-parenting environments feel more secure and are able to adjust to life after the divorce much quicker. They also get an improved sense of consistency, If the parents are able to enforce the same rules in both households. Another huge advantage of co-parenting is that it sets a very positive example for your children, even though your marriage did not end as planned. Continuing to cooperate with your ex-spouse will show children that even if relationships end, adults can still be amicable with each other and work together. 

Co-parenting also helps your children be emotionally healthier.This is because, by default, you and your ex-spouse will have to have a positive working relationship. This makes it likely that your children will be exposed to fewer issues between you and your ex-spouse. This is positive, and makes it so your children are less likely to suffer from ADHD, anxiety, and depression.