Can you keep divorce from hurting important relationships ?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Family Law

When you tell your children about your decision to divorce your spouse in Arizona, they could react in a variety of ways. Factors such as their ages, their understanding of relationships, their connection with you and your spouse, and their personalities will all contribute to how they react. Even though divorce can indefinitely impact relationships you hold dear, there are ways that you can prevent your divorce from sabotaging the relationships you have with your children.

From the start, recognize that despite your most loyal efforts, you will notice changes in the relationships you have with each of your children. With such significant changes to your family’s dynamic and other contributions including relocation, new environments and new schedules, your children will undoubtedly experience challenges that could alter their relationship with you. However, when you make the effort to be consistent, loving, understanding and optimistic, you may be able to minimize the negative impact of your divorce on their well-being and encourage their desire to continue strengthening their relationships with each of their parents.

According to, an important truth to emphasize with your children is that your decision to get divorced from their other parent has nothing to do with them. None of what has happened is their fault. This should be reiterated so that your children know not to blame themselves for what has happened. Whenever your children are spending time with you, refrain from speaking negatively about your ex or pestering your children with questions about your ex’s life.

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