What should grandparents raising grandchildren do for the future?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Family Law

Grandparents raising grandchildren is becoming increasingly more common in Arizona. Often this relates to the drug epidemic, but regardless, it puts a strain on you at this age to raise a child. You probably thought those days were long behind you, and now you are looking at years of raising a family again. It is challenging but also rewarding. Of course, now that you are older, there are some additional things you need to think about that you may not have considered when you were raising your own children.

Tucson.com explains that since you are older now, there is always the concern of you becoming unable to care for the children. This could be due to an illness or even death. If you were to become hospitalized, do you know what would happen to your grandchildren? You need to have a plan. Otherwise, they could end up in foster care. You probably took them in because you wanted to avoid that.

It is essential that you have custody plans in place should something happen to you. A sudden illness can leave you unable to take the steps you need to secure a safe place for the children. So, plan ahead, and make decisions now about where the children should go if you cannot take care of them.

You should choose someone who is willing to take over care. Make sure you talk to the person and get their agreement. Make sure your family knows the plan. This can help to prevent fighting over the children by various relatives who want them. You can also tell the children if they are old enough. This information is for education and is not legal advice.