Do you have rights to see your grandchildren after divorce?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Family Law

If your child is getting a divorce in Arizona and you are concerned about how often you will see your grandkids, there are some things you should know. According to the State Bar of Arizona, if you can prove that a relationship with you is beneficial for the child, you may be able to obtain legal decision-making rights and legal visitation with your grandchildren, no matter which parent they are with.

As you anticipate the changes that come with divorce, it is important to consider how you can help the children cope and prove that you are an essential part of their lives. As a grandparent, it is a good idea to stay neutral as often as possible, even if you feel your child’s ex has ruined their life. Remember that the children still love both parents and become conflicted when an adult they care about has negative feelings about one of their parents.

While you may have celebrated every birthday and holiday together as a family in the past, it is likely that those occasions will change in the future. Try to understand when it comes to special occasions and celebrate with your grandchild even if they are with other family members on certain holidays.

Children deal with many tumultuous, exhausting emotions when it comes to divorce. One important thing grandparents provide is calm and peace, even when the stress and anxiety at home are at high levels. Grandparents with a positive attitude and a low-stress atmosphere develop better relationships with their grandkids and it becomes easier to prove you have the right to visitation with them.

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