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Lisa Ballard

Office Manager


Lisa Ballard was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois.  She relocated to Tucson, Arizona in 2011.  She comes to Petersen Law Firm with a background from paralegal work, factory jobs, restaurant industry and helping families with end of life care. She has a huge heart and is an extremely hard worker.  Lisa has a large blended family and is able to help others with her own life experiences related to the ins and outs of co-parenting.  She will listen to your issues with empathy and understanding. Lisa is a great listener but also has a knack for problem solving and providing optimism where it may be difficult to find. She not only greets you with a smile on her face but also answers the phone with a smile which you can hear in her voice.  Lisa cares for each and every person that comes through our doors as a family member or friend that is in a time of need.