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As your attorney, Riisa will personally handle every aspect of your Family Law Case, including Divorce, Custody, Parenting plans and Paternity.


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Dont go it alone. Let an experienced Family Law attorney fight for you.

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Family Law


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Experience Matters.


When your family is involved, the stakes are as high as they get. Don't go it alone, and don't get passed off to an "Associate" attorney. You need someone who is ready to go right now - someone with the respect and experience to begin moving your case forward. 


With nearly a decade of experience practicing law in Tucson, nobody is better prepared to represent you than the Petersen Law Firm.

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Tucson Family Law

Are fathers awarded rights simply by signing the Birth Certificate?

By: Riisa


Congratulations, You're having a baby! As a proud father, you have signed your name to the bouncing baby's birth certificate. Its officiall! That means you have parenting rights, correct? Unfortunately that isn't always true. If you are not married to the mother, putting your name as the father on a child's birth certificate does not do much for you. You are now presumed to be the father in the eyes of the law, but the mother retains full custody. Could she move the child to... 

Tucson Family Law

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